Suspicious? Love affair? Required pre/post marital investigation? We've got you covered.

Private Investigator

10-Year of Detective Brand

Registered Detective Agency

We've been licensed & approved by the Ministry of The Interior Investigate Domestic & Foreign Affairs.

▪ Matrimonial investigation

▪ Commercial investigation

▪ Partner/Children/Staff whereabouts

▪ Missing person/Seek Deceives

▪ Individual background check

▪ Private bodyguard

▪ Legal consultation

Pre Marital Investigation

A premarital investigation can save you from making a big mistake by marrying the wrong person. Learn the truth about your spouse-to-be before marriage. Contact us, absolutely confidential!

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Spying spouse owing to suspicion of cheating? Seeking evidence of the infidelity in the relationship? Contact us, absolutely confidential!

Corporate Investigation

Pre post employment check, fraud/theft Investigation, trademark/intellectual investigation & etc. Contact us, absolutely confidential!

Pre Marital Investigation

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Corporate Investigation

Learn the truth about your spouse-to-be before marriage

Such as the mysterious tracking, sneak shots, or even  spying, you don't need the boss to take the shot, let us help!

 No third party harassment

No illegal services


Maybe it was just a big misunderstanding...Don't worry, let us get you the truth.

Guaranteed reputable service at reasonable price

  1. Marital status
  2. Financial status
  3. Family background
  4. Employment & business info
  5. Criminal record
  6. Lifestyle check

RM 2000


Pre Marital Investigation

Surveillance devices

RM 500

  1. Mobile phone tracking software
  2. Real-time GPS tracker
  3. Audio & visual surveillance equipment


Corporate Investigation

RM 3500

  1. Business partner survey
  2. Staff loyalty
  3. Corporate financial info
  4. Corporate trade monitoring



Background Checking

RM 500

  1. Marital status
  2. Financial status
  3. Telephone record
  4. GPS location tracking
  5. Assets and liabilities info
  6. Criminal record

RM 3000

  1. Affair
  2. Tracking
  3. Third party personal info
  4. Divorce forensic
  5. Mobile phone check


Post Matrimonial Investigation


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